PFA Bent  Coiled and Custom Made Tubing

PFA Bent Tubing 
Diameter:6.35-38.1mm (0.25-1.5inch) 

No thermal deformation due to our unique annealing technology
Temperature: Up to150C (302F)
Shapes: L, U, Z and other 3D shapes

1. Saves space
2. Lower cost (no fitting cost)
3. No leaking at the joint part
4. Ensures a smooth flow of chemicals
Custom Made Tubing 

We design and manufacture tubing for your application

Examples of applications
1. Diffuser tubing
2. Liquid level meter
3. Weighing bottle
PFA Coiled Tubing 
Diameter: 6.35-12.7mm (0.25-0.5inch) 
  • Moving parts
  • Vibrating parts
  • Heat exchange units
  • Cooling systems


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Ohana Technology 
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Ohana Technology P.O. Box 2497 Grass Valley, CA 95945
Email: Phone: 925.667.5860