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EA3, EA4 & EA6 Pnematic PTFE Series Valves
EMF Manual PTFE Series Valves
Evolucion EM3, EM4 & EM6 Manual Series Valve
Evolucion ET3 & ET4 Toggle Series Valve
Evolucion EC Cock Series  Valve
Evolucion Series Valves
Evolucion provides Pnematic, Manual, Cock and Toggle Vlaves. They can be used for Chemicals or DI Water. The valves have excellent clean properties as the bodies are made from PTFE. PTFE can work under a wide temperatue range as well as varing pressure ranges. Many of the valves can be fitted with Flowell® 20 or 60 series fittings. Evolucion also provides custom valves to your specification.
Ohana Technology 
P.O. Box 2497 Grass Valley, CA 95945
Email: sales@ohana-technology.com  
Phone: 925.667.5860
Ohana Technology P.O. Box 2497 Grass Valley, CA 95945
Email: sales@ohana-technology.com Phone: 925.667.5860